Easy Oat Flour Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast meals, but the heavy duty calories and flour that go into pancakes are a couple of the reasons I refrain from making them too often. Growing up, my dad used to make the most delicious pancakes every once in a while, so every now and then I need my morning pancake fix. Usually I stick with eggs, oatmeal or a spinach bacon scramble for breakfast, but with all of the rain we’ve been getting in Marin County the past couple weeks, i’ve been craving warm and cozy eats!

That being said I drew inspiration for these delicious Simple Banana Oatmeal Pancakes from the wonderful ladies at Foodheavenmadeeasy.com. I switched up the ingredients a bit for my recipe – check it out!


Prep time: 5 minutes • Cook time: 15 minutes  • Yields: 7

• 1 cup of rolled oats (blended into flour)
• 2 eggs
• 1/2 t baking soda
• 3/4 cup almond milk
• 1/2 t vanilla
• 1 banana

Blend oats in Ninja until it has reached a flour texture. Grab a mixing bowl and place oatmeal flour blend, eggs, baking soda, almond milk and vanilla in bowl. Stir until creamy texture is achieved. Add banana into mixture and stir again until banana has smoothed itself into mixture and creamy texture is achieved. Heat stove top to medium/high heat and pour desired dollop onto pan.







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