Savory Bacon and Spinach Scramble on Toast

When trying to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, preparation is key. With a busy schedule it can become tempting to give in and opt for an easy bowl of cereal or croissant in the morning as opposed to a well-balanced breakfast. This is a struggle for me and i’m here to encourage you to take the time to provide the best meals for your body. Give yourself time in the morning to prepare a healthy breakfast and enjoy the benefits all day long.


Top 3 Reasons A Healthy Breakfast Is Essential
1. You will feel more prepared for the day and confident that you’re taking care of your body
2. You won’t be left with the feeling of regret for downing a bowl of sugary cereal
3. Mixing exercise with healthy eating will yield great results for your physique

• 1 t olive oil
• 3 large eggs
• 2 cups of fresh baby spinach
• 4 slices of chopped applewood smoked bacon
• pinch of garlic salt
• pinch of black pepper
• 1 T fat free cottage cheese
• 1 piece of wheat bread (I used flourless wheat bread from Trader Joe’s)

•Chop bacon in square pieces. Heat pan on stove on med/high heat. Oil the pan, put bacon in pan and cook until bacon reaches your preference of tasty crunchiness (5-7 min or so). In the meantime, whisk eggs and garlic salt in a bowl. Mix spinach in with bacon and cook for another minute.

•Turn to low heat and pour in egg mixture. Let eggs, bacon and spinach sit for a few seconds then begin to mix together. I like to switch to super low heat to make eggs fluffy and avoid burning them.

•Toast bread. Spread your egg, bacon and spinach mixture onto bread. Top with a cottage cheese and a dash of garlic salt and black pepper.

Let me know how you like this recipe in the comments section!




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