How gratitude can transform our lives, Queen Bey illustrations and what Melania’s friends from Slovenia have to say

This week has been quite interesting. Pepper, my 12-year-old Chihuahua has officially moved here to the Bay Area. You’re probably wondering why she “moved” here. Well, that’s a whole different situation. But she’s here! The process of getting my boyfriend and long-time dog in a comfortable zone with one another is a bit of a challenge so far but they’re mending nicely. Here’s a pic, she’s so tiny and adorbs!



Aside from Pepper moving to the Bay, here’s what else i’ve been watching, reading and listening to. Also, check out what kind of #throwback shenanigans i’ve been up to!


The Queen shows Queen Elizabeth II’s reaction to Princess Diana’s death. It came out in 2006 and i’m just now seeing it. It’s quite amusing to see Queen Elizabeth’s ability to stand firm in her initial decision not to address Princess Diana’s death or hold a public ceremony for her. Clearly, that changed as she realized the British people wanted some sort of response from the Queen. This movie is an insightful glimpse into the tragedy and response that took place during that time.

The truth behind mass incarceration and how it is effecting modern day society -13th Netflix

HBO- Insecure- Relatable, hilarious and real!

There is seriously nothing that makes me laugh as much at Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton impersonations. Alec Baldwin does a stellar Trump impersonation that is spot on and gives me the creeps just as much as Trump himself.

I love and respect Beyonce’s work, especially Lemonade! This Melanianade twist is hilarious and a must watch.


What Melania’s friends from Slovenia have to say about her – Nick Thompson, Phil Black, Matjaz Krivic, Gasper Andrinek, CNN

Trump to have Barack Obama’s half-brother and Clinton to have Mark Cuban as guests for tonight’s debate– Dan Merica & Daniella Diaz, CNN

The Gratitude Diaries by New York Times Bestselling author Janice Kaplan

I started this book a couple weeks ago and have been taking my time reading through and soaking up the message in each chapter. Janice Kaplan is a former TV writer, producer and magazine editor. She was the Editor In Chief at Parade Magazine and is a pro at captivating the reader through her knowledge, real-talk and eloquent delivery. I promise here words of advice are not cheesy and unrealistic.It’s honest, backed by research and relatable. She discusses the way looking on the bright side can significantly change our every day lives and produce lasting change.



Also, i’m obsessed with Sanaa K’s Tumblr. Her illustrations are modern and she depicts situations that happen IRL.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Johnnyswim’s new album, Georgica Pond– Stephen Thompson, NPR

Georgica Pond is soulful, fresh and makes me miss living in LA. It also has the most upbeat, pop sound with real meaning and messages about love, faith and hope. Love that this duo is married and the way artistry tells their story.


I’m currently watching “24” with Kiefer Sutherland on Amazon Prime. This show is a major throwback from 2001 and just as compelling and interesting to watch today. 24’s Season 1 revolves around Counter Terrorist Unit agent, Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) who has 24 hours to save the life of U.S. President David Palmer (played by Dennis Haysbert) and his loved ones. 24 has the right amount of action, suspense, dialogue and life happenings to keep a wide range of viewers entertained. I’m particularly interested in shows that revolve around politics. There are 9 seasons and it is a definite binge-worthy show.




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