Let’s Celebrate National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month so let’s celebrate! Below I have shared a few of my staple, at-home YouTube Yoga workouts that you will love! Personally, I have found Vinyasa Yoga key to tightening up my obliques and elongating my leg muscles. There is nothing sexier than a snatched waistline and toned legs.

If you’re a fairly busy person who finds it difficult to make it to the gym everyday or someone who prefers a more private workout setting, I definitely suggest taking time to roll out a mat and get to practicing your warrior one and two poses right in your living room! The past few weeks have been busy beyond belief and I have noticed that when I take a bit of time to do a quick 30-45 minute video yoga session, I get in a good sweat, stretch out and experience great relaxation.

At first, I was hesitant about taking a video class and thought it wouldn’t match up to in-person yoga sessions, but these videos will give you the yogi experience you’re looking for while toning and gaining flexibility.

Yoga Vinyasa Flow- 45 Min

This is the session i’ll take when I want to really focus on twists and balancing. There is lots of downward facing dog in this video, which I love for strengthening, lengthening and tonight the back muscles. This session will give you the beautiful back arch we all want!

Yoga Vinyasa Flow- 30 Min

You will sweat a bit during this session and flow through warrior one and two giving you excellent focus. You will visit fundamental yoga poses and movements at a steady pace and glisten while you do so. By then end of this session you will feel extremely strong and ready for the day!

Freedom Glow Yoga 

I just love the name of this video! Yoga is definitely a stress reliever and instantly puts me in a good mood. If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, try this class. You will wake up your muscles, get in-tune with your breath and feel very energized.




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