5 Things I Miss Most About LA

I recently moved from LA to the Bay Area and I am having serious withdrawals from a few of my Southern California faves. Exploring the Bay Area is on the forefront of my mind at the moment, but couldn’t help reminiscing and sharing a few of my LA go-tos. Honestly I will probably do a Kanye here and add more things to this list as time goes on. Enjoy!

1. Alibi Room

If you would like to try a well priced asian fusion restaurant with incredible ambiance, fast service and delicious drinks, try Alibi! Be prepared to make one too many visits and it will be totally worth it.

2.  Shorts, Sandals and Beach Weather

There is nothing more satisfying than running errands in comfortable shorts, a tank top and sandals. Heading out of the door or across the street to Starbucks without having to check my weather app is something I will miss. Knowing that sunny, cool and vitamin D giving weather was waiting outside for me to enjoy everyday was priceless!

3. Culture

One of the best things about LA is getting to experience different neighborhoods and lifestyles that are minutes away from each other. Each LA neighborhood hosts various restaurants and good eats from around the globe.Having the option eat Scandinavian, Moroccan, Indian, Salvadorian, Italian, or Mexican food any night of the week was so refreshing and made each meal exciting and savory.

4. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

When I wanted a tough workout with a nice view of LA, this was my go-to. There is a staircase that leads to the top of the hill and a trail full of hills to get in a great incline workout. This place gets pretty busy in the morning and has a two acai/smoothie/juice trucks at the bottom of the hill to recharge after a good workout.

5. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Can’t wait to visit and go to the quaint and lively coffee shop with the tastiest matcha latte we all know as Alfred. Their coffee cups labeled with, “But first, coffee,” make for the trendiest Instagram pictures.

Until Next Time!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jac says:

    I had no idea you moved! I love this btw.

    1. Thanks Jac!! Yeah I moved to the Bay last week! It’s so fun but totally missing LA!

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