What To Do To Keep Your Dreams Alive

All of us are born with a dream in our hearts and these dreams and goals grow and develop over time. When the problems we’ve faced over the years get to us and we’ve lost sight of those dreams, there’s a way to bring them back to life. Remember the days when we would play pretend with our friends and create color crayon drawings in school that so beautifully depicted where we saw ourselves when we “grow up” and became an adult?

When we’re young we tend to have imaginations that place us in some of the most exhilarating and fanciful scenarios.  Maybe your childhood drawings were of a perfectly manicured hill of grass with trees and a cute square house that stood behind stick figures. Perhaps you dreamt up and drew things like being a princess, morphing into Superman, becoming a world-famous musician, or inventing something so pivotal and life-changing it would save the entire world from its problems. When we’re young we have time to dream because that’s what we’re taught to do. We were given a paper and crayons and told to draw. We were told by our teachers and adults in our lives that it was okay to let our imaginations run wild and to talk with our classmates and friends about all of the exhilarating adventures and scenarios we thought up about our “grown up” lives. Those recess hours spent sitting in a circle with our friends and talking over each other as we competed to be heard with statements that began with, “Well when I grow up I’m going to be…” were encouraged and necessary to our development as people.

Somewhere between being that innocent childlike dreamer that believed we could be anything we wanted to be and becoming an adult, going to college and entering the often mundane routine of the “real world” things changed. Now, I am not with the school of thought that we should all just live in lala land and act as though the responsibilities of adulthood and everyday life are not real and important, that would be insane and detrimentally irresponsible. What I am saying is that it’s time to allow ourselves to get lost in our imagination, dream limitlessly, and share those dreams with others again because it is still necessary to our growth as adults.

Why do we lose this side of us throughout the years? One obvious reason for this is the fact that we all have different life experiences and carry different stories that lead us to where we are today. Maybe you’re a mid-20’s adult that flunked out of law school, a college graduate that can’t find a decent paying job, a 25-year-old with only a high school diploma looking to go to college, a driven college student that doesn’t know what you want to do after graduation, a young single mom that feels hopeless or a washed-up high school athlete that was injured while playing sports in college and hasn’t quite found your footing in life. We all have different stories, circumstances, and challenges in life, but we cannot let those circumstances prevent us from allowing ourselves to believe the impossible. I saw a line from “Alice In Wonderland” a few weeks back that reminded me of the importance of this.

“Why sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”- Lewis Carroll

Taking the time to imagine the impossible and dreaming about the things that we think have passed us by is vital to living a fulfilling and hopeful life. Even if you find yourself doubting or having a hard time allowing yourself to imagine wildly, start by doing it anyway and see what happens. Of course, our aspirations, goals, and dreams change and evolve but it is crucial that we have them. When we are able to identify, speak and go after our dreams we are beginning to live out the purpose we were born with. It isn’t until we take the first step, which is allowing ourselves to imagine and envision what we want in life that we can work toward achieving it.

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