Podcast Obsession: “Another Round” with Heben & Tracy


I recently came across a podcast that has to be the best I have ever heard. “Another Round” with Heben and Tracy from BuzzFeed is not only relatable, but absolutely hilarious and refreshing. In this podcast they talk about current events, race, pop culture and things that happen in every day life. I’ve never really been a big podcast listener until now and it’s because of “Another Round” and their unfiltered, honest dialogue. Not only is it entertaining, but I enjoy the fact that these are two educated, playful and self-aware African American women that aren’t afraid to talk about race and the things that come along with being a woman of color in America. It’s so stirring to hear the way Heben and Tracy unapologetically state their opinions, recall their stories and discuss who they are and things they experience as black women. They cover everything from big booties, to what it’s like to attend predominately white universities, to the impact of First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Black Girls Rock event.  It’s amazing to look and in some sort of way see myself in the stories and issues they talk about.

If you’re looking for a podcast where you’ll be entertained, laugh ’til you cry and learn a thing or two about race, pop culture, etc. – take a listen! You can follow the show on Twitter @anotherround and listen online at their website, www.buzzfeed.com/anotherround.

Until Next Time!


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  1. i love you girls you’re great!!

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