This Is Me

If you’re human, I imagine you have been through certain situations that make you wonder how you’ll ever be able to move forward, how you will ever overcome and if things will ever get better. If you haven’t been through a scenario that made you ask yourself any of these questions, then I would assume you haven’t risked enough or made enough mistakes. Maybe you haven’t risked your heart enough, tested your ability, or made a decision with your heart rather than your head.

Sometimes, when we go through a disheartening season or a rough patch in life we can forget about all of the wonderful dreams, determination and adventure that lies within us. I’ll admit, this happened to me for a while. I got out of a relationship with someone I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with right after I graduated college and was headed into the real world. As you can imagine, there were so many changes going on and the last thing I needed to change was my plan of “happiness” I had at the time. And there it had ended right before my eyes. The person, the plan and the path that I thought would lead me to be the woman I had always wanted to be was absolutely gone. With that loss came a lot of confusion and discouragement. It was hard and sometimes I wondered whether I would ever find out what made me happy.

It was months later that I began to go through situations personally, spiritually and professionally that challenged me to the core. So many tough things were being thrown at me and I wasn’t sure if I could handle them. Ultimately, those situations became resolved and I learned valuable life lesson from them. Looking back, I realize that had it not been for those tough, tough situations I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. By no means do I have it all figured out but what I do have is something I wouldn’t have been able to find in another human being. Yes, being in a loving relationships is super important to me but without the tragedy of losing the person that I thought was the most important part of me, I wouldn’t have been able to find me.

Now that I have found who I am, I must say that I love her.

Until Next Time,


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sir App says:

    Glad you found you. Not many people can say that ever. You are your #1 fan.



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