New Hair, New You

With the New Year comes new resolutions, new goals and new aspirations. In order to FEEL that change that we all desire to make we must have a constant reminder, otherwise we may let our resolutions fall by the wayside and forget what we committed to. Whether you have resolved to spend more time in the gym, going to yoga, reading books, traveling, working more or less, being nicer, etc. we must constantly have a reminder to keep pushing toward these goals. I’m not saying to go get a tattoo of your list of resolutions on your arm, but a physical change may keep you pushing toward the personal goals that you have decided upon. One of my favorite ways tocreate physical change is by changing my hair. Getting a new hairstyle and freshening up your look can be a great way to remind yourself to approach each day this year with a new attitude and new perspective. No these things do not come automatically and new hair will never make you a new person, but it does serve as a helpful reminder to keep striving toward whereCM Photo 1 you would like to be. One of my new favorite websites to develop hairstyle ideas is You can also follow them on Instagram at @maneaddicts.This is one of the best websites that updates you on current hair trends, styles, cuts, products, color, etc. I haven’t decided exactly which hairstyle I will go with, but I am definitely looking forward to doing something exciting and fresh! This year will be a year of new experiences and new challenges, so why not have new hair?

Until Next Time,


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